Update Dez 16th 2017: They have had an Android Version for quite some time, so I added some info here.

Vagex (formerly ViewCount) pays you to run a viewer which automatically views videos on YouTube. People buy views for their YouTube videos so they get famous quickly, and you provide Vagex with your IP to generate valid views on YouTube. They provide a Firefox Addon that everyone can use, and a viewer that I would only run under Vista or 7 so you can mute the programs. Running both at the same time almost doubles your earnings. If you happen to have several computers always running on different IPs you can add them to your account, too.

You can run their Internet Explorer-based .exe file on Windows, their Firefox-Extension on any MacOS/Linux-Box and their Android Version on your Phone. Scroll down for some additional Android Info.


- Firefox version is OS-independent
- you can run it on up to 5 different IP addresses to earn more, but this is hardly useful for most people
- if your computer isn't made of wood, you won't lose performance


- Windows software can crash occasionally (we will use a script against that)
- sound has to be muted
- uses up some bandwidth
- I have no idea how they could pick that name

Pay: PayPal
minimum cashout: $10
Amount: around $0.20 per computer/IP per 24 hours

You earn credits for your views which you can spend on buying views for your own YouTube videos or cash out via PayPal. The rate from credit to USD changes daily depending on how well Vagex is doing.

Referral Program: Yes, 10% of earnings

How to:

Sign up on their website. After logging in, note you Account ID right from the top.
Download the Windows tool and/or the Firefox addon from here or click on Earn Free Credits.

The Firefox tool is very stable and just works. After installing it (clicking the link under Firefox), your Firefox will always have an open tab playing YouTube videos automatically.
You can stop it here:
Since you don't want to hear the videos play, you should turn down the volume in the YouTube player. Alternatively, you can also choose to mute the browsers completely. I recommend this since the youtube player might leave some sounds through occasionally. Under Windows 7 this can be done by clicking the tiny speakers in the tray and hitting "Mixer".

For the Windows tool, you just unzip everything into a directory and start Vagex.exe.

1) Enter your User ID into the respective field.

2) Under Settings, choose everything that makes stuff happen automatically.
Now you also mute Vagex and Internet Explorer (which is actually playing the videos in an invisible window). You can hit "Show Hidden IE Window" to disable the sound in the YouTube player and then hide the window again, or let your OS mute it. You might have to hit the "Watch" button to start watching videos for the first time. 

Now everything is set up, now forget about it. You can do this on up to 5 computers on DIFFERENT IPs. 

You can also do it from as many android phones as you like, but their software doesn't work correctly. I found a workaround which is rather complicated. If anyone requests it, I will write it down.


If you use Vagex on your computer you use anyway, I would leave everything like that. If you have set up an idle machine which sits around somewhere for the purpose of earning money, you want to handle the fact that Vagex can sometimes crash (didn't happen to me for more than two weeks now). This can easily be done, I did it with the programming language python.

If you are interested, just download and install python and download my script HERE.

You can open it with notepad if you don't trust it. Notice that it really doesn't do much other than:

while True: (Repeat forever)
        os.startfile("Vagex.exe") (Open Vagex.exe)
        time.sleep(11000) (Wait 11000 seconds)
        os.system("taskkill /im vagex.exe /f") (End process Vagex.exe)
        time.sleep(60) (Wait 60 seconds)

So it will restart your Vagex every few hours.
Put the script into your Vagex directory and run it instead of Vagex. Now you can let it run completely unsupervised and be relatively sure it won't fail. Now watch how your Robot Pennies slowly add up.


Setup is simple, get the .apk file - look for the Vagex/Hexagon/ViewCount Android apk in case it's not on the official website (at the point of writing: LINK). Install it, enter your Vagex ID and start playing videos.

Some useful additions (obligatory for 24/7 use):

- Use a decent charger and charging cable, no cheap shit. Put the phone in a safe place that does not catch fire easily. Phones are not really made for 24/7 heavy load. Problems are unlikely, but do what you can to avoid them. Most chargers and cables that people have flying around are pure garbage. If the phone's original plug and/or cable are gone, get a decent, well-rated, semi-expensive one from Amazon.

- Set up a Tool like Tasker/Automate/MacroDroid etc. to keep the device awake (like the Caffeine app), periodically restart the Vagex app (in case it crashed), and possibly periodic reboots

- A tool like Black Screen of Life to keep the screen turned off without triggering Standby. Obvious advantages to device health, heat and power consumption.


  1. Script link is dead!

    Love the site :D

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I'll replace it right away.
    You could have just copied the code and erased my comments in brackets as well.

  3. i don't get 5 credits for 1 views.Why?

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  5. Hey friend vagex ask me "Please input the email of UserID #94533.
    Referrer's email:"

    please help me

    1. this is odd, try visiting directly and not over the link from this site

  6. Does it still work considering this website is 5 years old?

    1. still seems to work! there even is an android client which you could periodically restart (against crashes) with apps like tasker or alternatives in case you have a spare phone lying around

    2. Cool , i have started using it ^_^ . How come i did not know about this before? I had like 3-4 vps lying around but now all have expired . I think i will use it with Amazon AWS ;)

    3. not sure if they like aws IPs but you can give it a try :D if you install a vnc graphical desktop you may be able to run the .exe file via wine in addition to firefox, not sure. maybe even a raspberry pi 3 is powerful enough. but their tools are finicky enough as it is, use periodic restart + reboot scripts :p

    4. i use firefox viewer and keeps crashing every 30 minutes , i think i need to make a script to restart firefox every 15 mins.

    5. 30 minutes seems really bad lol. what hardware and OS are you using?

    6. Ubuntu 12.04 , pretty old but gotta live with it.

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