MetaTrader 5

Update Dez 10th 2014: Nothing changed here, good service, just use it!

Meta Trader 5 uses your CPU to help computing forex and stock market strategies / analysis.
Just like Bitcoin Mining, it is only useful if you don't have to pay for your electricity or you will end up simply paying money.
It only uses your CPU whenever there is work to do and pays you accordingly. It is less predictable than Bitcoin which you just turn on and off. Also using your CPU and not your graphics card can of course actually disturb your normal Desktop usage.

  • install it and forget it - program is extremely stable and never shows up
  • can be told when to be active - f.e. during night time
  • no minimum cashout - you can even transfer tiny cent amounts straight to your PayPal.

  • does not pay a lot
    • my notebook i7-CPU earns around 5 cents a day, sometimes 1, sometimes 14+. Desktop CPUs might do much better.
  • slows your computer down during calculations (obvious). Also uses a lot of RAM.
    • you can choose how many cores to use and disable it at any time though.
  • no referral system

Pay: PayPal
cashout minimum: None
Amount: Depends on your CPU and location
Here you can see my earnings. Lately my laptop wasn't used so much.

Referral System: None

How to:

They actually provide an excellent tutorial on their page. You simply install their software, sign up for an account, enter your username into the software and then forget about it. I have nothing to add, except for
"You might have to reboot if the program simply won't install your CPU agents."


  1. Hello, I came from reddit yesterday. Great stuff here, I'm hoping you can help me with MetaTrader. Specifically, about payments. I signed up yesterday and let it run all night and had some activity, but I'm not showing any payments at Any idea about what's going on? Thanks for your help.

  2. Hey! You get an award for the first comment... ever :D

    I'm actually not sure whether it takes some time for the earnings to show up, but I think not. It's been a while since I checked daily. Now I just go there from time to time and withdraw. However, I also think the login are can be quite confusing.
    I have two URLS bookmarked in my daily checkup routine (you have to sign in at first, and enter your username into the second URL)

    I assume you entered your account data into the client correctly. If no earnings show up under the two URLS provided, give it one or two more days. If nothing shows up still, please do tell! :S

  3. Also, here is your award.

  4. Yeah, I was just being an impatient noob. Looks like I got .16 credits the first night; any idea what the credit to dollar ratio is?

    Thanks for the award!

  5. I think the ratio is 1:1! Yours should be 16 Cents. Quite something, what CPU do you use? Looks like my notebook i7 can't compete at all.

  6. Oops, no I was wrong. That .16 is for three nights; I thought I turned it off, but I was mistaken.

    Have you tried installing it on multiple machines? I have access to several that are already on 24 hrs/day.

  7. Hello,im little confuse on "Sell computing resources through a account" box and insert a correct MQL5.Community account to let money transfers for utilized computing resources.Which means we enter our login name right??..

    1. absolutely right, you tick the box and enter your username. you can do that on as many machines as you like.

  8. And how to minimize Meta Trader 5 Agent??

    1. it is always running. you don't have to open/see the client ever. the processes are running in the background and you should be able to see them with the task manager process viewer.
      if you don't want it to run, you actually have to open the program and uncheck the boxes or deinstall it or something. otherwise, it's always running.

  9. understand now..thnks dude.. ^_^