Welcome to Robot Pennies!

Please consider turning off your ad blocker out of kindness, I won't annoy you with shitty popups or anything. But we are all here for the pennies :p

Update Dez 10th 2014 - time to update the site again for a bit! Good thing about the nature of this site is that users put their ref links for new services in the comments anyways, so it is easier for me to check them out and stay up to date. So please continue doing so, but don't post shit tier services (nobody did until now, luckily!)

-huge update on Cryptocoin mining (was very necessary)
-added Slicify
-Topline&IPU removed (dead)
-PollBuzzer removed (turned into standard survey site that eats up your time for shitty pay)

Learn how to make some passive money with the computer you use anyway.

I'll only show you programmes that

  • work internationally: no US only restriction!
  • are automatic and non-intrusive: install it and forget it
  • actually pay out: no scam. You need a free PayPal account though.
  • don't involve cheating: no hacks or autoclickers

Everything works under Windows systems.
Some can be used under Mac/Linux, just go read!

If you are from the US, you live in Robot Pennies Paradise. There exist many programs that the rest of the world can not participate in - so if you live in the US, check out the beermoney subreddit sticky thread. I envy your guys for things like perk.tv. 

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